Extraordinary Leadership Equals Extraordinary Results.


What is your greatest challenge right now?  Whatever it is, most of us want better results sooner than later.    


Do you want to increase your sales?

Do you want to grow your organization?  

Are you in a leadership position, but having difficulty leading people?

Do you want a more balanced life


If you said "YES" to these questions, there is one common thread that answers these challenges.  The answer is Leadership.  Increasing your leadership is growing yourself both personally and professionally.   My Extraordinary Life is a company whose goal it is to help you raise your lid on leadership so that you can move through your challenges to get the results you want.

Rate your leadership ability in your current role.  On a scale of 0 - 10 with 10 representing excellent leadership ability, where are you on this scale?  If you are a five, for example, your business or team cannot grow beyond your limitations.  Your success and that of your organization will be capped unless you "raise the lid" on your leadership ability.

My Extraordinary Life can help you grow in two ways: 

(1) Teaching you and your organization how to become better leaders using the leadership philosophies of the #1 internationally recognized author and leadership guru John C. Maxwell.  Certified to train, speak and coach using John Maxwell's material, you will receive the same valuable information John Maxwell uses to teach and mentor people in Fortune 500 companies internationally.

(2) Coaching which specifically addresses an individual or team's challenges.  

Interested in getting better results?  Contact Dana Lloyd by phone 506.721.0743 or e-mail using the email contact form.